Academic Advising & College Counseling

EAOP maintains partnerships with elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in the San Francisco Unified School District.

A EAOP College Counselor is present at partner schools during the week, providing academic advising services and creating and supporting a college-going environment in the school community. At our partner elementary schools, EAOP College Counselors collaborate with fourth- and fifth-grade teachers as they provide the "I'm Going to College" curriculum, which was developed by the California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. Click here to watch a video about "I'm Going to College" produced by our colleagues in UCSF's Student Financial Aid Department.

EAOP College Counselors facilitate school-wide events, classroom presentations, small group workshops and one-on-one counseling to students throughout the academic year. Counselors provide information on college-going topics to school staff in a professional development setting or in an informal peer-to-peer setting. Counselors also give workshops for parents and guardians at both evening school-site activities and at weekend events in the community.

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