Educational Outreach



Supporting Outreach in the Community

The faculty, students, fellows, and staff of UCSF represent a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of health and science topics.

EAOP provides support to outreach programs developed and implemented by UCSF student groups and supports opportunities for the UCSF community to interact and partner with local schools.

Supporting UCSF Student-Led Outreach

The students in UCSF’s five professional schools and science graduate programs have a long history of providing educational events and services to our local community. EAOP applauds these efforts, which let pre-college and undergraduate students meet and learn from the Real McCoy — students who are not much older than themselves who are on the path to exciting careers in health and science.

However, the primary responsibility of UCSF students is to their education and we wouldn’t want to see that suffer due to their good communitarian efforts. In hopes of freeing up some of their valuable time for studying, EAOP offers its help and support to student groups as they plan and implement these valuable programs.

Together, the EAOP staff has decades of experience working with schools, recruiting students, coordinating logistics and traversing UCSF’s bureaucratic terrain that we offer to UCSF students to help with their events. If you have a great idea for a student-led outreach program, let us know and we can work together to get you support you need. Please contact EAOP at

How to Get Involved/Volunteer Opportunities

There are a number of ways that the UCSF and San Francisco Bay Area communities can become involved in EAOP and support our efforts. To learn more, visit our Get Involved page.