Partner Schools

San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)

The University of California has a long history of actively engaging with our K-12 colleagues to better prepare traditionally under-served students to attend college. As one of ten UC campuses undertaking this work, UCSF is committed to doing its part to develop a more robust educational pipeline. This work supports the UCSF mission of “advancing health worldwide” by contributing to the development of the human talent needed in health care to serve an increasingly diverse patient population. In addition, data shows a clear link between college attainment and wellness.

The UCSF Early Academic Outreach Program s works closely with the Superintendent's office to select our cohort of schools. Two overriding criteria are considered: First, the school must be ready and willing to partner with UCSF. Second, the school must have a sizable number of under-performing students (a school with a wide achievement gap). In addition, our partner schools all feed into one another, supporting our kindergarten through high school approach to educational support.

The SFUSD schools we partner with include: